Formed in 2007, we specialise in property and cottage video tours and work predominantly in the North East of England. Over those years we have developed the ProMotion style of video.


Jon Lindsay is an award-winning filmmaker with a background in fashion and video advertising.

2016 - Innovation in Property Media Award
2017 - Best Property Video Specialist UK


Q & A

What do you love most about your job?

There's quite a few things that I love.  Firstly, I like the experience of going into a property for the first time, walking through the interior to see the space and flow of the building and working out how I can bring that alive with a video so when people watch the film, they can get the same feeling without actually visiting the property.

Secondly, it's the range of interesting people who I meet every day in my job when I visit their property to help them sell.  Everyone has a story to tell about their home and why they are moving, from the sad stories to inspiring stories and I love it that every house and every person is different.

What inspired you to start your own business?

Spacedust Films started in 2007 just before I moved my family back from London to Newcastle.  I was searching for a house back up North and the online photographs of the properties gave me no sense of the space or 'feeling'  of a potential new house I was buying. 

So I asked my dad, a keen amateur filmmaker to visit a property I'd seen online and film it with his VHS camera!   He then posted the tape of this slightly shaky but priceless footage down to me. That inspired me to move from advertising into setting up a specialist video company to help other people move (Luckily, this period also coincided with the rise of online video and YouTube)

Why should I choose you?

When I started the company there was only a handful of us doing this type of work.  Nowadays, a Google search brings up hundreds of businesses offering this service.

The No1 reason to choose Spacedust is quality. Every second of every film is considered to look it's best - no short-cuts.  Secondly, I'm a friendly guy who genuinely enjoys working with people and try to understand what they want from their film. Finally, I like to carry out my work with a low carbon footprint. Our edit suite is eco, and we travel via an electric car, charged by solar.



We offer a full in-house service from initial meeting to delivering final video on your site:

  • Filmmaking - exterior/interior/location

  • Editing - FCPX/ After Effects/ Adobe Premier studio

  • Colour Grading - enhancement of colours

  • Hosting - Vimeo Pro

  • Social Media inclusion

  • 360 degree photography


Carbon Statement 2019

Reducing our carbon footprint is important to us and we try our best to limit the use of fossil fuels during our video production. We use solar panels to power all of our computers and to recharge camera equipment. Our editing studio is built using Eco SIPS panels and heated by an air source heat pump. We travel to all our filming destinations via a fully electric car.