Every house deserves to look its best. 

Our skill is walking into a house and bringing out the best features through video and showcasing it to as many people as possible.


The aim is to show people how they could live in a space:

How does the living room flow into the dining room? Can I keep an eye on the kids while I'm cooking?

The videos are used to market:

New Build Developments/ Cottages/ Real Estate / Commercial Buildings

MADE for mobile devices

We produce contemporary videos (not 5-minute corporate films with lingering shots of vases and burning log fires) that are stylish, short and dynamic for today's busy consumer. 

Portable adverts that allow people to view them everywhere from the office desk to the kitchen sink. 

Making a home shine

Our trademark is the free flowing walkthrough style that gives viewers the feeling of walking around the property.

The films are professionally graded with colour adjustments and natural lighting effects to make every home look it's best to potential buyers.

Commercial sense

The walk-throughs are an ideal way to show potential customers how space can work for them.


Friendly & Efficient Service

A boutique agency we can produce films quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Exceptional service, attention to detail and a smiling face come as part of the package. 


Jon Lindsay is an award-winning property filmmaker with a background in Architecture, Film-making, and Advertising.  

After working in London for 10 years creating advertising films for brands like Marks & Spencer, Orange Mobile, Stella Artois, Peugeot and Coca-Cola he followed his passion for film-making to set up Spacedust Films in his native North East and produced the UK's first HD video tour in 2007.

Since then Spacedust has continually developed an innovative and cost effective system with results that are arguably the best in the UK. 

It's good to be good

Creating friendly working relationships with individuals and companies is important to us.  A level of respect and understanding are core to a successful and enjoyable project.  

Being kind to the environment is also part of our philosophy.  Our purpose built eco-friendly studio is self heating and our vehicles CO2 emissions are as low as 82g/km.


We’re based in Newcastle, North East England but travel across the UK and Europe.